Family Fun Phone Sex

By , March 25, 2014


MILF.  Preteen.  Pedo.  Perverted.  Do these words pique your interest?  They all kind of fall into the category of family fun phone sex baby.

Let me tell you a little bit of something baby doll.  I have a young son and I also have a young daughter.  Are you into both little boys and girls?  Or just one?  Maybe just young boys…or maybe just young girls?  Doesn’t matter to me which one you molest and play with.  While you take care of one, I’ll molest and fondle and play with the other one.  You take my daughter for this instance baby.  Take care of that sweet bald little cunnie.  Lick it baby doll.  Look over at me and see me sucking that sweet young hard dick of my sons.  Now grab my daughter by her hair and make her suck your big hard throbbing dick.  Push her head down on it and make her gag and choke on it.  I don’t care either, how rough you get with them.  I like it rough.  You’re a perverted pedophile just like I am.  I’m a dirty horny old lady!  You can fuck my little girl now.  Spread her legs wide open and shove, jam, thrust that throbbing rock hard cock into that TIGHT little pussy hole.  I’m gonna lay my boy down on his back and ride him cowgirl style baby.  Family fun phone sex is what it’s all about babe.  And I’m looking for some RIGHT NOW!

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Kinky Phone Sex

By , March 18, 2014


Mmm….deliciously yummy…..kinky phone sex, that is.  I like it nasty.  I like it extreme.  I like it naughty.  I like it bad!  Bad is good to me baby.

Kinky phone sex could entail any number of topics sweetie.  And I’ll entertain any idea that you bring to the table.  I have absolutely NO LIMITS!  Anything goes baby.

I can do tiny dick humiliation.  You have a little tiny teeny baby penis??? You really don’t think you’re going to fuck me with that tiny little wee-wee do you?  NO!  Get on your fucking knees and worship me like the pathetic little sniveling coward that you really are, because your dick is getting nowhere near my pussy.  If you do everything I tell you to do, and if you do it right, I may let you stroke that little tiny baby boy dick of yours.  And when  you get to the brink of cumming, I’ll make you stop.  I’ll push my pussy inches from your mouth and nose.   You’ll be able to smell my intoxicating smell, but you will NEVER physically touch my body at all.  EVER.

If you are in the mood for kinky phone sex, give me a call sweetheart.  My name is Krista and I won’t let you down. Wink Wink.

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Taboo Phone Sex

By , March 11, 2014


How nasty do you want to get tonight sweetie?  How perverted do you want to get?  This is for all my Bukkake fans out there.  I love taboo phone sex, especially bukkake taboo phone sex fantasies.  Cum Cum and more Cum.  I am a cum eating, cum bucket whore.  Baby I want cum.  I don’t think you understand how much cum I want.  One of my favorite callers saves all his cum in a jar in the fridge.  I’d love to take that big ol’ jar of cum and start eating it with a spoon.  I’d love to take that cum and rub it all over my face.  I want to take that cum and rub it into my cunt.  I am so into taboo phone sex fantasies baby….but bukkake is absolutely most definitely one of my favorites.  Can you tell??  Fuck me baby.  Fuck me every which way from Sunday.  Maybe you can bring a friend and double penetrate me so I can have even more cum.  Then I’ll kneel in front of both of you as you are ready to cum and beg you to cum all over my face.  Shoot that hot spunk all over my pretty cum guzzling face.  I love that warm sticky jizz oozing down my face, chin, cheeks.. EVERYWHERE!

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Fetish Phone Sex

By , March 4, 2014


Fetish phone sex for you tonight baby?  I secretly love all kinds of fetish phone sex calls.  Shhh don’t tell anyone about my secret fetish phone sex fantasies and I won’t tell anyone about yours either.  You can turn anything into a fetish baby.  I like nasty fantasies.  I like extreme fantasies.  I like no limits fantasies.  Let’s face it, they are all fetishes.  Smoking fetish?  I smoke Marlboro Lights 100′s.  I love the long smoke sticks.  I love the menthol minty taste. I love blowing smoke in your face.  I’m so talented, I can blow smoke rings too.  Don’t you love a hot lady that smokes.  I love smoking while doing kinky shit too.  I can puff and suck at the too.  I’ll take a drag of my cigarette, blow it out onto your dick and then take a nice long slurp of that beautiful cock of yours.  Another drag, and then another suck.  And when you’re ready to fuck my nice tight beautiful pussy, I’ll smoke and blow that smoke right into your face while you’re on top of me pounding away at my pussy!  Get your fetish on with Krista!  No fetish is denied with me.

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Erotic Phone Sex

By , February 25, 2014


Are you into age play?   Are you into school girl?  Are you into different fetishes?  Maybe you’re into a MILF?

Whatever you’re into, I’d like to tell you, I’m into ALL of it.  I love me some hot and steamy erotic phone sex.  And I know you do too.  You’ve come across my erotic phone sex blog site for a reason baby, because I’m better than the rest.

I am into sissy boys.  I am into ass worship.  I’m into golden showers and into scat.  I’m DEFINITELY into snuff.  Do you like to get rough with your girls?  Tie that little slut down.  Beat the living shit out of her.  Stomp her across the stomach with your steel toe boot.  Take the bat and beat her skull in with it.  Then rape the almost dead little bitch.  Stick your dick inside of that too tight almost dead pussy.  Get your rocks off baby doll.  I love watching you get so fucking nasty and rough with these little sluts.  Let me be your accomplice baby doll.  I’m waiting for your call tonight.

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